Giant dominoes hire from the vintage games company! Hire our lovely wooden dominoes for your next party or event. This game is great played outdoors on the lawn, indoors on the carpet or on a big table with friends. Dominoes is a very, very old game which has stood the test of time and is played all over the world. We have a giant wooden version for you to hire on its own or as part of a giant games package for your event.

As game is usually takes 10 – 15 minutes. This is a very old and simple game but nevertheless proves a fun and competitive game for all the family to enjoy.

What do you get?
Giant wooden domino pieces.
What is the object of the game?

To empty your hand of domino pieces first.
How to play – the (very) basic rules:
Find a friend to play with.
Place all the dominoes face down.
Draw seven dominoes each; the rest are not used.
Place the tiles on edge but do not allow your opponent to see the dominoes.
The first player lays a tile down facing upwards the next player can lay a tile so the adjoining tile value matches i.e. if you lay a tile with three and four pips or dots the next player can only lay a tile with either three or four pips or dots.
You will eventually build a trail of tiles and you can always place a tile at either end of the trail so long as you have a matching tile of equal value.

The game ends when one play lays down their last tile and therefore wins or both players can no longer lay a tile down in which cast the winner is decided by whichever player has the lowest score in terms of pips or dots on their tiles in their hand.
How do I win?
By having no more domino pieces to play first! Or the lowest number of dots if you both cant play.
What size is it?
Allow for a 1x1 metre area for ample playing space.

If you would like to hire a giant dominoes set then call us on 07800 802751 for more details.

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