If you are looking for a limbo dancing pole for your hawaiian themed beach party event then look no further! We have a simple yet effective limbo dancing pole avaiable to hire. If you require something more elaborate we have made pole from 2 palm trees in the past and could do this for your event given sufficient warning.

What do you get?
2 Stands and a bamboo pole

What is the object of the game?
To dance under the pole

How to limbo dance:
Turn the music on - loud!
Start by putting the pole on the stands remembering to space the stands at the correct width apart.
Start the pole on the highest setting.
Each dancer then approaches the pole leaning backwards so they can fit under the pole, usually with their arms our for balance and moving in a shuffling/shimmying movement! Get your shimmy on!!!
Approach the pole slowly and dont come back upright too quickly, wait until the pole has passed your eyes and wait for a couple of seconds whilst still shimmying forward before lifting your head.
If you make it under the pole you are in the next round, knock it off and you're out of here, spectating time for you!
When everyone taking part has passed under the pole, lower the pole down a notch and re run the fun!
Here is a link to show how the pro's do it! This guy is amazing!!! watch it here:

If you want to hire the basic pole or want something more elaborate built pick up the phone and call 07800 802751 or fill out the form below

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