Milk the Cow Game hire

Milk the Cow Game hire

A truly unique game made by us. To play you have to literally link the cow! There are fake but very lifelike udders underneath the cow which you need to milk into a bucket. This can be aplayed by one or two players. If playing as a one player game then you need to see how much milk you can get in 30 seconds or of playing with two players you sit side by side and race to see who can milk the most in 30 seconds.

We think this game would work well at the following types of events:
• Staff Fun Days
• Promotional Events
• University Events
• Team Building
• Children's Parties
• Wild west theme events
• Garden party

The area the stall takes up is approximately 1.9m x 1m and it comes in its own stall which we have a choice of covers.

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