Pick up stick or mikado as ity is sometimes known is a reallly simple game to get to grips with. The clue really is in the name and the object is to pick up the sticks! This is not always as easy as it sound though. This is a nice add on for events.

We have added this to japanese or far east themed events in the past and it makes for a cheap and simple bit of entertainment for those that dont want to get involved in a sumo wrestling fight!

What do you get?
A set of large coloured wooden sticks

What is the object of the game?
To pick up the sticks in turn.

How to play – the (very) basic rules:
Grasp all the sticks together and hold them vertically above your playing area.
Drop the sticks so that they land in a pile as seen in the above picture,

In turn pick up one stick each

If you move another stick whilst picking up your chosen stick your turn is immediately over

Watch your opponents move very carefully and it might be a wise move to have an independent "referee" to watch over the proceedings

How do I win?
The one with the highest score at the end wins. Scores are calculated by numbers of sticks x the score for each stick.

What size is it?
Allow for a 1.5x1.5 metre area

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