Now you may or may not have heard of smite but we saw it being played at event we went to many years ago and saw how popular it became on the day. ....So the very next day we went out and bought a game and have been hiring it and recommending it ever since.

Its a great throwing game that usually draws people in within a few minutes. Score 50 to win!

What do you get?
A lovely wooden smite set!

What is the object of the game?
To score 50

How to play – the basic rules.
Flip a coin to see who goes first.
Set up the pins in order in a triangular shape- we will give you instructions with your game
You then stand four metres back - best to mark a line, we dont want any cheating now!

You can play on any surface you like. Grass, gravel, tarmac, snow!

You can play in pairs or individually.
Now you are going to throw the smiter (underarm only) at the pins in an attenpt to knock them over. The ones that fall over count. If you knock just one over the number on the pin is your scoe. If you hit 2 or more over the number of pins scores.
After your go stand the pins back up for the next person, but not in a triangular shape again but where they fell over or landed.
If you miss the pins three times you are smitten and lose
If you reach exactly 50 first you have won. If you go over then your score goes back down to 25.

How do I win?
By getting exactly 50 first!

What size is it?
Area need is about 6mx4m realistically.

If you would like to hire any of our games call 07800 802751.

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