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Hook a Duck Stall, also known as the Duck Pond Game, is a traditional fun fair game that has lasted over the years and is still played today. It is ideal for any age and has stolen the hearts of many with its cute, yet challenging entertainment.

The game is played starting out with several rubber ducks with metal rings on their heads floating in a row. The goal of the game is to use a pole to capture the ducks. The ducks will seem all the same, but some will have a hidden mark on the bottom. These are the winning ducks. You will usually have three attempts to capture the winning ducks for each game you play. You will win the top prize by capturing three winning ducks, a smaller prize if you win two winning ducks, and a little prize if you happen to catch one winning duck.

The reason the Hook a Duck Stall can be so challenging is because to most who begin playing it, it seems as if skill is what is most important. However, in the end, if you analyze the ratio of ducks with hidden marks to without, you will realize the game is more based on chance. The odds are against the contestant, and it is indeed hard to win three winning ducks for the grand prize.

Many versions of the game now allow for a prize no matter how many ducks you bring. As hooking the duck can be a challenge in itself, it is quite reasonable to offer a prize for only catching one cute duck. This is to entice the game to be played by all ages. No matter if you win a prize or not, the attempt to hooking a duck can be equally fun for everyone, those playing and those watching. It is a crowd pleaser because everyone feels equally involved, whether they are playing or not, and whether you have won a prize or not.

The equipment needed for the Hook a Duck Stall includes the Stall itself, theming to entice people to come play the game, Yellow Rubber Ducks, two poles, and white picket fencing. You will be required to have a particular space so that the equipment does not block off any access.

The rubber ducks are a great incentive to gather people to the stall as they are cute and friendly. The booth is perfect not only for a fun fair event, but also private birthday celebrations and parties, charity or corporate events. It is an excellent choice in any circumstance where you would like to lighten the mood with a bit of laughter and fun for all the guests.

The Hook a Duck Stall will suck you in with its cute rubber ducks, and is an addictive game as you continue trying to control the long pole to capture the ducks. Even if your chances of catching the winning ducks are slim, you will find that you and your friends have laughed and had a fun time attempting to win the grand prize.

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