vintage coconut shy

The ball in the Milk Churn Game is a traditional funfair stall game that can entertain people of all ages. As with all our fete stalls we have a choice of covers and usually hire this out as part of our fete package. We are happy to bring it along to any event in Sussex, Surrey or Kent although we might travel further. Why not call us or email us to find out more details and whther we have avaiability.

The game is set up with aluminium milk churns lined up in a row. Your goal is to throw balls into the milk churn. You win a prize if you can throw the ball into the top of the aluminium milk churn. You start out with three balls to start and as long as you get two balls in, you will have the chance to win.

Even though the origins of this loved game are unknown, we do know this vintage game has been around since early times. It is speculated that the ball in the milk churn game most likely came from  a group of bored milkmaids who had too much time on their hands.

The ball in the milk churn game is an excellent addition to any event as the brightly coloured, traditionally striped stall will bring tastes of Victorian decorations and a traditional English festive vibe. Whether you are preparing for a wedding, summer fete, fun day, or corporate event, the ball in the milk churn game is the perfect stall to include. This booth can be set up indoors or outdoors, and is a way to entertain your guests throughout the whole event.

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